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This page is dedicated for clients regarding Best Day DJ refunds.

Due to lower back surgeries and an overflow of booked weddings in 2022, Best Day DJ was forced to cancel a handful of weddings. We did the best we could fulfilling most of the weddings that we booked. Unfortunately, by mid-August 2022, we were unable to fulfill our remaining contracts.

As the owner of Best Day DJ, I am dedicated to repaying what is owed to my clients. It will take time for me to catch up since I lost 90% of my income earlier this summer. I ask you to please be patient with me.

For me to stay organized and dedicated to repaying these refunds, please fill out the form below. You can also reach my bankruptcy attorney if you have further questions at 866-806-7611 (Majors Law Office). In the meantime, please watch out for smaller “chunks” of payments as time moves forward.

*Please note: I’m unable to provide an exact date on repayment at this time. In addition, if a contractor DJ filled in at your wedding or event due to my back injuries, they DO NOT have anything to do with refunds. Please do not contact them as they are unable to fulfill any refund agreements. Thank you. You can also reach me directly